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About Shiatsu & Mindfulness-Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a complementary health-care system which incorporates Oriental Medicine and Western therapies to prevent illness, support health and personal development. Originating in the 1970’s in Japan, it has since then developed internationally. It is a hands-on physical therapy, often referred to as “acupuncture without needles”,  that uses a combination of modulated pressure on specific acupressure points and acupuncture channels, joint mobilizations and muscular stretches to re-invigorate areas where there is weakness, to release tension and support  the receiver to return to a state of physical and psychological balance. Shiatsu works by assessing and strengthening the self-balancing systems within the body-mind referred as ‘Ki’ in Japanese. When Ki is functioning, we naturally enjoy resilience towards illness and both minor and chronic problems can be easily faced and resolved.


Mindfulness-Shiatsu combines the therapeutic benefits of Shiatsu and the proven practices of Mindfulness, in dealing with chronic pain, stress and ill-health. It helps to develop a new caring way of listening to painful sensations or difficult feelings and to build inner resources for dealing with discomfort that before seemed not possible to work with. It is an empathic and meditative approach to working with physical and emotional problems which gives choice to re-enter an embodied aliveness, to release deeply and to embrace who we actually are. There is substantial widespread evidence that Mindfulness promotes well-being and is as effective as painkillers in dealing with chronic pain.


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Why choose Shiatsu & Mindfulness-Shiatsu?


These hands-on therapies aim to help your body and mind to work more efficiently together to re-align parts of your body that have become disconnected or have lost sensitivity, to ease out postural and internal tension thus improving your co-ordination and integration. They support your natural body and mind’s ability to return to balance when something makes you feel unwell.


Published research shows that Shiatsu is safe and effective in alleviating a wide range of conditions: (

from localised injuries to more general manifestations of physical and psychological ill-health, whilst having a re-vitalising effect on your overall health. Moreover they help to reduce medications, to deal with stress and improve quality of life.


During Mindfulness-Shiatsu sessions, the practitioner works together with you to guide awareness to the underlying source of your discomfort and to identify relevant customised exercises, meditations and movements which can help you to recover and transform what makes you stressed.


Mindfulness-Shiatsu also assists you to:

    * Relieve tension and stiffness

    * Improve mood

    * Soothe and better manage chronic conditions

    * Enjoy restful sleep

    * Improve posture, breathing and movement co-ordination

    * Eliminate toxins and waste products more quickly

    * Increase pain tolerance and resilience to illness

    * Facilitate emotional and psychological stability

    * Increase level of energy and improve well-being and lifestyle


Who can benefit from having Mindfulness-Shiatsu?

Many people have found these manual therapies supportive when dealing with a stressful job or a difficult time within family, during major transitions such as with a loss of a physical or mental capacity, in a separation or bereavement or when changing profession or in retirement.

Others have found they made it easier for them to correct imbalances before they developed into more long-term conditions.


Women and their partners rely on Mindfulness-Shiatsu as a supportive system during pregnancy and at birth. Parents also find them useful to promote the development of babies and children.


People who play sport and like to improve their performance have publicly praised their effects.

The nurturing and re-balancing effects of these therapies have been found beneficial to people recovering from an injury or that have undergone surgery, helping them to speed up recovery and reduce their dependency and side-effects of medication.


People with chronic conditions have used Mindfulness-Shiatsu to alleviate the tension and discomfort around the pain and to assist them with the challenge of having to live with long-term pain.


These therapies have also been found supportive when people have felt lost or disconnected in their lives, helping them to regain motivation and recover meaning. Their holistic approach has made them suitable for all ages.


What practically happens during a session?

Each session usually lasts up to 1 hour and takes place fully clothed.


Mindfulness-Shiatsu normally takes place on a comfortable futon on the floor. However a table or a chair may be used to accommodate different needs.


There will be an initial talk, where the therapist finds out what you would like to work with in the session. Assessment procedures are included to find out which aspects of your Ki are in need of support, then a period of bodywork to activate and re-set these self-regulatory systems. Sometimes, suggestions may be discussed, together, regarding exercises, activities and meditations which can support the recovery process and prevent recurrence.


It’s best to wear loose-fitting tops and trousers, to allow for ease of movement. To get the most out of the session it is helpful not to eat heavily before the session. It is also advisable to take some time afterwards, to integrate the effect of the session, to avoid strenuous activities or rushing around.