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Self-Shiatsu Supervision Sessions


What do they involve?

Please allow up to 1 hour & 20 minutes, including the time for initial and follow-up call. For new clients, please allow up to 1 hour & 30 minutes


   • To begin with, you will receive a call from your practitioner before the start of session, to ask how you are and what is happening for you health-wise. They will be calling you via Video ‘WhatsApp’, or by sending a ‘Zoom’ link, in advance, which you can easily join in two easy steps. (by clicking on the link and typing in the password).


  • After the initial assessment, and an understanding of the aims of the session, the practitioner demonstrates and guides you in real time on how to work through the areas and pathways of the body that are most relevant for you, according to what is being assessed. This will take the form of appropriate stretches, breathing techniques, palpations and tapping using your fingers, thumbs or the palms of your hands. It is best if you can lie down on the floor using a mat or a duvet, during this part of the session, if you can. Otherwise, sitting is also possible.


  • To complete the session, the practitioner guides you to take note of the changes that have taken place, followed by further breathing, or guided meditation exercises. You are now invited to rest for ½ hour on the floor or on the chair.


  • After your rest, the practitioner will call you again to find out how it is for you after the session, and send you a written summary of the session, via email, as well as offer some recommendations of exercises or practices that are most relevant for you at this time. These make take the form of video or audio links, or you can watch or hear and follow in between sessions.


Summary of materials needed for a Self-Shiatsu Supervision

   • A mobile phone

   • A computer

   • A space where you are not going to be disturbed

   • A mat or duvet for lying down and a blanket (in case you get cold)

   • A pen and paper

   • Some paper tissues

   • A glass of water


How do Self-Shiatsu Supervision Sessions work?

For you, the receiver, these sessions feel very similar to a ‘Face2Face’ Session, both in terms of sensation and in the effect they have. They can be dynamic in their delivery, if that is what is needed to help, if your energy feels stagnant, too full or pent-up. Or they can be more still and holding, and nurturing, if you are feeling weak or tired at the time.