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Excellent group contribution, a good variety of activities and Daniela’s input was inspirational. Great opportunity to practice presence, to share Seiki in a supportive group, to work with the breath and to get in touch with the life


Elizabeth (Primary Care Leader & Shiatsu Practitioner)


I most enjoyed the exercises which centre the breathing and the LHA Movement sequences. I particularly enjoyed the experience of Seiki and sharing this with the group. Daniela’s way of facilitating is soft  giving space to group participation and development.

Caroline (Shiatsu Practitioner)


The Seiki weekend was powerful, deep and precious. I appreciated most the exploration of KI in pairs and in the group. Very well organized.

Linda (Ecological Charity Administrator)


The flow of the course was excellent. The spontaneous Gyoki movement helped to release tension at the start and helped me to participate more fully.

Alex (Craniosacral therapist)


I enjoyed the weekend. I left it feeling embodied, vital and alive.The aspects I most enjoyed were the LHA Movement sequence, from lying down to walking, leading and following pair and group work, and the ‘round robin Seiki practice’.

Great style of teaching  and warmth.

Reza (Counsellor)


The movement sequences were great for waking up the body and taking note of how I use my posture. I also liked the releasing effect of the Katsugen exercises, and how to give Seiki following the client’s breathing. Excellent experiential

approach to facilitation, which values intuition, Ki development and presence, before application of theory.

Marion (Artist and Care Worker)


Great Seiki demonstrations from Daniela! I most enjoyed the Seiki swaps in pairs, and the Katsugen exercises. Seiki guides me on how ‘to be’ with my clients; it allows a natural re-balancing and deepening of their breath, so little

effort involved, it is amazing! 

Claudette (Massage Therapist)


I was able to take Seiki deeper especially after the Katsugen and the Gyoki breathing. It is worth trying it out. It is particularly inspiring for body workers.

Rakesh (Finance Assistant & Shiatsu Practitioner)


I enjoyed focusing on the quality of touch through presence, connection with breathing and Ki communication. I most liked the Gyoki breathing exercises and the 9 postures movement sequence.

Shruti (Shiatsu Practitioner & Teacher)


I enjoyed most the 9 LHA postures; they helped release some old postural habits and allowed me to be more present while giving Seiki. Also, I was able to notice and pick up more changes in the receiver. I found the weekend to be an

opportunity to get in touch with how to give in a true sense, from a place of no effort.

Sediti (Shiatsu Practitioner)


Each weekend is always different; I appreciate the absence of rehearsed responses and being met in the moment. The weekend helped me to come back to a place of centredness in heart and belly, of re-gaining my anchor in being. I

feel a greater commitment to listening and learning about my own process and that of the other people. I have truly enjoyed that unfolding  opening to life and love.

Kalandar (Shiatsu Practitioner)


I enjoyed most the Katsugan and movement sequence led by the breath. I found the last two Seiki weekends gave me great life-tools to survive the inevitable stresses, it helped me make positive choices and to live better in each moment

with such compassionate and clear facilitation from Daniela and supportive holding from the group.

Eddy (Carer)


I did not know what to expect in the Seiki weekend. I was welcomed by an atmosphere of honesty, connectivity and aliveness to ‘what was’ and my bodywork is feeling simpler, clearer and more direct. I enjoyed the opportunity to

re-connect with my body, myself and others and to take back great self-healing tools to my studio.

Alex (Craniosacral Therapist)


I found the weekend a profound journey to learning to give healing from a place of feeling fully nourished and in harmony with one’s own inner nature.

Miriam (Shiatsu Practitioner)


The course was brilliantly pitched, set out and good value for money. I enjoyed learning the Katsugen and the experiential work with breathing and movement. I feel Seiki has helped me to approach my Shiatsu clients and my relationships at work as an Occupational Therapist from a new, more present and allowing perspective. Thank you!

Greg (Occupational Therapist & Shiatsu Practitioner)


I enjoyed Gyoki breathing most of all. I could feel my Ki moving and spreading throughout my body, my hara and in my feet, leaving me more grounded. What I take away from the weekend is: less is more! More attunement to the receiver of

Seiki and less projection of giver’s intention and agenda.

Lynda (Shiatsu Practitioner)


Daniela beautifully invited everyone’s input to the weekend which made the course richer. I experienced a real sense of peace and the importance of unconstricted breathing. I loved the possibility of integrating the Seiki approach with the massage therapy techniques I use. The way the course was explained brought true resonance with the understanding of how the body-mind can heal itself through mindful attention, breathing and contact.

Kat (Massage Therapist)