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ONLINE SERVICES: Covid-19 & Beyond

1.Letter from Daniela Coronelli (extract)

From now onwards, and throughout the rest of the lockdown period, I will be offering you two styles of "one to one" sessions: ‘Self-Shiatsu Supervision’ & ‘Shiatsu Distance Healing’. Below is a detailed description of what they involve for you, and how they work. The evolution of these two ways of working from distance is the joint effort of several of the best Shiatsu Schools in the UK. They are approved by the UK Shiatsu Society ... MORE


2. Self-Shiatsu Supervision Sessions

What do they involve? Please allow up to 1 hour & 20 minutes, including the time for initial and follow-up call. For new clients, please allow up to 1 hour & 30 minutes ... MORE


3. Self-Shiatsu Distance Healing 

This way of working can also feel very similar to a face to face session, both in feeling and in effect. It works in the same way as other systems of distance healing work, as in Reiki, Shamanic or Spiritual Healing ...MORE


4. The Cost, Payment & Methods ... MORE