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I am truly grateful for the qualities of gentleness and professionalism, as well as sensitivity and compassion, Daniela has offered me. After six sessions I felt more relaxed and ready to release my trauma and the physical pain around it. This boosted my self-confidence and the ability to take care of myself better. I would sincerely recommend Daniela’s work to anyone because of the standard of care she gives, her wide experience and her depth of understanding about human nature.

Sarah (Craft Maker)


Shiatsu made me aware of the importance of attending to myself, physically, to feel healthier. I am more confident, my body feels stronger and my level of energy has increased. I no longer hold a negative view of myself as I used to. It has given me a spiritual haven and relief from the stress of a busy job. I have felt accepted and understood and came away with useful health strategies which I was able to utilize in my daily life.

Fiona (Psychiatric Nurse)


I came to Shiatsu following a car accident & having pain on the right side of my thorax. I have found the treatments challenging and beneficial in helping me grow. I feel I have access to more of me. In practical terms, the treatments helped me balance the left and right sides of my body, relieved the thoracic pain and assisted me to deal with emotional issues connected with my pelvis.

Lynne (Conservation Officer & Shiatsu Therapist)


My persistent backache, following a fall which injured my sacrum, stopped and my selfconfidence improved. What I have appreciated most about the Seiki sessions has been the time and space I have given to myself to find “me”. Daniela is an amazing healer that allows you to process and unfold without judgement or intervention, just being present and


Marta (Recycling Surveyor)


When I came to receive Shiatsu from Daniela I was a third year student of Shiatsu and I wanted to conceive. I had been trying for a third child for over a year with no success. With the help of Shiatsu I did conceive and continued to have regular treatments throughout pregnancy, the birth and post-natal. Shiatsu supported and nourished me, through sensitive touch, which helped to relieve physical and emotional tensions, as they presented. My pregnancy was dominated by grief, as my father died three months before I conceived. Shiatsu helped me to balance my emotions, which swung from deep grief to feeling excited and joyful about being pregnant. It also helped to move through the teenage trauma I had suffered that was connected to my pelvis. Particularly helpful were the dietary recommendations and a programme of personally tailored exercises throughout the pregnancy.

Lorna (Mother and Shiatsu Student)


The original back ache I came to see Daniela for stopped and my level of energy has increased. I found the Seiki sessions truly nourishing, they helped to connect to my body and to myself. I feel more centred and I am able to live the life I wish to live. I personally would highly recommend Daniela’s work.

Dave (Tree Surgeon)


I came to seek help with Shiatsu as I was feeling tired and out of sorts. After a few months I have felt calmer and more balanced physically and emotionally. I have greatly appreciated becoming aware of the signs of stress in my body and in my mental state as I am more able to change that now. For this reason alone I found the sessions very good value for money. Thank you Daniela!

Key (Social Worker)


I was in emotional distress and having pain in my hip when I started working with Daniela. After the treatments I felt calmer and deeply relaxed. I enjoyed the quality of touch and found the guidance on the breathing and mindfulness very helpful. It made me feel accepted understood and cared for. My stress level and pain have decreased considerably, I am more able to accept what is happening to me and feel more compassionate towards myself.

Helen (Unemployed)


I couldn’t have had a more beautiful experience. After the Seiki sessions I felt a shift in my relationship to my body. I could accept it as it was and felt more caring towards it. My digestion problems, I had been having long-term, resolved. I felt Daniela’s presence throughout the sessions and endless kindness, healing my body and deeper.

Jo (Researcher)


The Seiki sessions made a big difference to my stress and back ache. It deeply relaxed me, my breathing deepened and I felt more connected to my body. I felt understood verbally and physically. Since then I have maintained a positive attitude towards my life and whatever it may bring.

George (Gardener)