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The animation and enthusiasm of Daniela encouraged me to engage fully and explore how I use space inside and in communication. We had plenty of space for clarification, sharing and feedback. Good value for money.

John (Teacher and Chi Kung Practitioner)


Brilliant exploration of movement and sound within the 5 transformations. I enjoyed feeling held by an invisible structure which unfolded moment by moment. My understanding on how the 5 elements move through the body has been much enriched after this weekend.

Francis (Acupuncturist)


The weekend was superb. I most enjoyed the mindfulness aspect in movement, the group sharing and exploring healing through vocalization. Excellent input from Daniela. A chance to understand honestly how I present myself to the world.

Michael (Builder/Carpenter and Tai Chi Practitioner)


I loved looking at the way we communicate with ourselves and others, bringing a new perspective to my thinking and movement. Good venue and value for money. Right balance between teaching and participation.

Karen (Practice Teacher)