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Hi Everyone,


I hope you are all feeling well and safe, a month into lockdown.


We are all going through some incredible and unprecedented times. We are asked to stay at home and to distance ourselves socially. For some of us this may make us feel vulnerable, stressed and uncared for. We may have suffered the loss of a dear one and are going through grief, or be worried about financial matters. For others it may be a great time, for resting or reflecting and for giving attention to activities that are most enjoyable.


If you, by any chance, thought your Shiatsu Practitioner had left you behind, as she cannot see you “Face2Face” during this unprecedented transition, think again. In the past month, I have been working hard to learn, and practice, with top teachers of the Shiatsu Society and of the Somatic community, how to best support you online. I now feel ready and happy to share with you what

I have learnt.


From now onwards, and throughout the rest of the lockdown period, I will be offering you two styles of "one to one" sessions: ‘Self-Shiatsu Supervision’ & ‘Shiatsu Distance Healing’. Below is a detailed description of what they involve for you, and how they work. The evolution of these two ways of working from distance is the joint effort of several of the best Shiatsu Schools in the UK. They are approved by the UK Shiatsu Society and are covered by the Shiatsu insurance.


Of course, what I bring to you, through these new ways of online support, through Shiatsu, is also my long term experience as a Complementary Therapist, and the ability to integrate, when relevant for you, several of other skills I had the good fortune to learn along the way . These are Seiki-Shiatsu, Mindfulness and other forms of meditation, Amerta Movement, Teacher Training and Coaching,   Neurolinguistic Programming, Reiki Healing and, more recently, the use of “Clean Language”, within the sessions.


May this work be of benefit for you and all who are interested.

My Next Project: Soon I will also be posting about one day online courses and classes . step by step!!!!


With Warm and Well-Wishes



21 April 2020