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For people who are interested

in developing the Seiki method further, for personal/professional development, there is a regular Seiki group that meet at

Totnes Natural Health Centre,

on the last Thursday of

each month


For enquiries/booking, email:




Advance Booking is necessary.

£75 (£125 for both workshops) non-refundable deposit is required on booking, which secures your place.


Deposits & Balance can be paid by Bank Transfer, or cheque made payable to: Daniela Coronelli,

13 Blacklers, Park Road. Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6EQ. 

Balance to be paid by 21 June 2019.


Details for Direct Bank Transfers:

Lloyds Bank

Account Name: D CORONELLI

Account Number: 02779456

Sort Code: 309483

(Please indicate your surname

as reference)



with Daniela Coronelli FwSS

29-30 June 2019 & 2-3 November 2019

Dartington Estate, near Totnes



















Refining Touch Communication and

Diagnostic Skills through Resonance

29-30 June 2019


Refining touch and contact skills that clarify and honour our human condition, the movement of life towards wellness and our unique talents. Deeply rooted in the

Shiatsu and Japanese healing and philosophical traditions, the Seiki approach to

body-mind work is simple and transformative. It demonstrates clearly how the movement of physical and emotional distortions in life can be recognised and transformed by the development and refinement of Ki-sensitivity, mindful

observation and an empathic contact between giver and receiver.


Open to all with an interest ... and ideal as professional development for Shiatsu

and Complementary Health Practitioners and Therapists interested in

developing their touch and communciation skills.


Daniela worked with Akinobu Kishi, the founder of Seiki, for 10 years, in UK, Europe

& Japan, organising several workshops for him and Kyoko Kishi in the UK. She has facilitated Shiatsu training for over 20 years, and has been presenting Seiki workshops since 2007, alongside Mindfulness as a health intervention. Her approach combines Seiki with Amerta Movement and Mindfulness. Her work is also influenced and

inspired by long term practice and training in Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.


For newcomers, please note that the work takes place on the floor,

on comfortable mats, and involves kneeling.



Following the Integral Movement

Within our Being Human

2-3 November 2019


          The orientation for both weekends include: 

  • Quality of contact and communication through presence and resonance

  • Breathing and gravity-centred practices for feeling and expanding KI sensitivity as in Gyo-ki, Wa-ki, Katsugen and Kotodama (the essence/spirit of sound/words)

  • Communication through form (kata) and beyond form

  • Mindfulness, as in focussed caring attention and choiceless awareness

  • Developing confidence in following the knowing in the felt experience

  • Fostering and sustaining a sense of embodied open enquiry from curiosity and non-striving

  • Noticing and following the movement of the receiver

  • Treatment and diagnosis as one

  • Contacting life as a living aware process, not as a theory


The weekends involve a blend of demonstrations, practice and discussion

and some work outdoors in Dartington Gardens (weather permitting).


When taken together, these two workshops complement each other and offer a

deeper experience of some of the core elements of the practice of Seiki. The first workshop places an emphasis on exploring resonance (how to observe and contact

the person as a whole being) and Kokoro (heart to heart communication), and the second workshop will focus on how to develop confidence in recognising and following the person’s natural movement towards wellness and will include the practice of Ma-ai (exploring the appropriate space between giver and receiver when giving Seiki)


Both weekends are suitable for newcomers and old students of Seiki. For

newcomers please note that the work takes place on the floor on your knees.


Price: £150 for each workshop (or £250 for both)

(10% discount for Shiatsu Society members or for full payments received by 21 June 2019)

Deposit £75 / £125 (for both workshops) - Balance by 21 June 2019


Phone: 07941 841555 / 01803 862653


For accommodation:

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