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What are the fees?


For both ‘Self-Shiatsu’ supervision and ‘Distance-Shiatsu’ healing sessions, the fees are the same as face to face sessions (£45),

if you have not been financially affected by the lockdown.


If you have been affected (as have many of us), please send me any amount from £20 upwards.


How to book and pay:


1. Paypal (if you have a Paypal account):

(simply type this in address bar, which will start a short payment process)


2. Bank Transfer:


Account Name: D CORONELLI

Sort Code: 309483

Account Number: 02779456


3. Bank Transfer from Outside the UK (Euros/US dollars):


Account Name: ROY WHENARY

Sort Code: 300248

Account Number: 05859755


IBAN: IT44D0301503200000005859755